China A Bedrock

2803 (HKD) | 9803 (USD)

# A-shares
# Smart Beta
# Multi-factor

China A New Economy

3173 (HKD) | 9173 (USD)

# A-shares
# Smart Beta
# New Economy
HKEX ETF Awards 2019_Top Performing ETF

Asia Innovative Technology

3181 (HKD) | 9181 (USD)

# Digital
# AI
# Robotics
# Automation
# LifeScience

Emerging ASEAN Titans

2810 (HKD) | 9810 (USD)

# Vietnam
# Thailand
# Malaysia
# Philippines
# Indonesia


2804 (HKD) | 9804 (USD)

# Supply Chain
# Middle Income Class
# Consumer Upgrade

US Treasury Floating Rate (Dis)NEW

3077 (HKD) | 9077 (USD)

US Treasury Floating Rate (Acc)NEW

9078 (USD)

# 3-month T bills
# One Week Duration
# Tax Efficient
# 15bps TER

The COVID-19 pandemic could accelerate new thinking about Emerging Markets in asset allocations.

Sep 23, 2020

China economy recovered faster than the rest of the world from the pandemic as shown by various economic indicators ranging from official PMI, GDP number, steel output, excavator sales, to traffic data. China’s solid macro recovery stands out from the rest of the major economies which either remain in a lock-down mode or simply begin to resume economic activities. That explains Chinese listed companies outperformed in terms of earnings and stock price performance.

Sep 10, 2020

An overdue technical rebound in the US Dollar – which started a week ago – may give investors an opportunity to diversify their currency holdings away from the Greenback. What is emerging could well turn out to be a counter-trend rally in a bigger, multi-year Dollar decline.

Sep 9, 2020

CSI 300 outperforms S&P 500, Chinese tech outruns Nasdaq 100. How has China’s new economy sectors including its recently launched “Nasdaq” – the STAR board (Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Science and Technology Innovation Board) – outperformed global indices despite being at the center of a trade-tech war with the United States?

Sep 1, 2020

Highest recorded yield spread between the China 10Y Government Bond and the 10Y UST. The yield spread between the China 10-year government bond over the 10-year US Treasury recently hit its widest ever recorded level.

Aug 25, 2020

In the midst of a US tech bubble, Chinese and Hong Kong equities have emerged in the sweet spot between valuations, profitability and balance sheet strength.

Aug 18, 2020

  • Alex Chu

    Director and Portfolio Manager

Many studies have shown that in the U.S. market if investors have missed the best days of the markets, their portfolio could lag behind quite substantially than staying fully invested. Here, we are going to investigate if the same effects happened in the China markets. From July 2013 to Jun 2020, if investors stayed fully invested in any of the three China indexes, their wealth would have more than doubled. Missing 10 best days during the period of more than 1,700 trading days could still have positive growth, but the final wealth would barely be more than half of that staying fully invested. Missing more, investors could end up with a loss in their investments, which may be a surprise to many investors. Delving deeper into the data, we found that the best days used to follow the worst days. That may be explained by the clustering effect of volatility: large changes in prices tend to cluster together. Should investors have a long-term positive view on the markets, they should stay fully invested instead of timing the market, as the turning points may just be around the corner.

Sep 28, 2020

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