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Why is China-A New Economy more resilient and better positioned through COVID and beyond?

WEBINAR REPLAY | Adapted from a private session with audience in Korea

China is in the early stage of restarting its economy, and China A shares market has held up relatively well compared to other global equities markets amid the COVID.  In particular, our Premia China New Economy strategy has been very resilient throughout the crisis with YTD NAV performance of 10.7% (in CNY, as of May 26th, 2020).  It has been consistently seeing inflows over the past months and is also among the best performing broad market China A ETFs globally.  In this webinar, our co-CIO David Lai shares first-hand insights on the post-COVID impact, policy developments, and capital market flows of the Chinese market.  As China recovers from the pandemic, how shall investors watch out for opportunities from the post-COVID recoveries, policy supports and new norms?