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[Bond Connect x Premia Partners Webinar] Chinese Government Bonds - Outlook and Investment Case for International Investors

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The US Federal Reserve has signalled the imminent start of the transition from the Great Stimulus of 2020-2021 to policy tightening with rate hikes and tapering at a suggested pace that was at the high end of previous expectations. On the contrary as we kickstarted 2022, China has cut rates and it is expected that more easing measures would be introduced. Meanwhile foreign investors have also shown unprecedented appetite for Chinese government bonds as foreign holdings surged from less than 3% in 2016 to 10.8% at the end of 2021. Would this continue? What would be the outlook? What are the tailwind and headwind factors to consider for investors and asset allocators? 


Data & Venue

23 Feb 2022, Hong Kong


Opening Remarks

  • Phoebe Leung, Senior Vice President, Head of Sales & Marketing, Bond Connect Company Limited


Panel Discussion - CGB and RMB - 2022 Outlook and Allocation Strategy

  • Tracy Yeung, Assistant Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Bond Connect Company Limited (Moderator)
  • Laura Lui, Partner & Co-CIO, Premia Partners Company Limited
  • Chun Hong Chan, Partner, Co-Chief Executive Officer, CIO, Multi-Asset Strategies and Head of External Managers, Avanda Investment Management
  • Edmund Ng, Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Eastfort Asset Management
  • Jonas von Oldenskiöld, Head of SwissRe Korea, former head of SwissRe Asset Management Asia


Long Duration CGB ETF - Use Cases, Flows, Liquidity and Trading Strategy

  • David Lai, Partner & Co-CIO, Premia Partners Co. Ltd.
  • David Lai
    David Lai , CFA

    Partner, Co-CIO

  • Laura Lui
    Laura Lui

    Partner, Co-CIO