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Hong Kong | 2018年11月13日

Premia Partners speaks at KNect365’s Fund Marketing and Distribution

Fund Marketing and Distribution brings together industry leaders and provides successful marketing, investment and regulatory strategies for Asia's expanding capital markets. At the event, our Co-CIO David Lai will join a panel discussion on A shares and developing fund flows.

Seoul | 2018年10月16日

Premia Partners speaks at S&P’s Annual Korea Quantitative Investment Conference 2018

At its second quantitative investment conference, S&P presents the theme “Data Evolution in Quantitative Investing and Future of Artificial Intelligence”. Our Co-CIO David Lai shares his insights to other industry leaders at a presentation about capturing Asia innovation opportunities in a systematic manner, while Co-CIO Laura Lui gives a presentation on factor investing in China A-shares, explaining the rationale behind and the ways of implementing factor investing.

Singapore and Hong Kong | 2018年10月8日

Premia Partners presents at Asian Private Banker’s Discretionary Dialogue 2018

The Discretionary Dialogue is an exclusive event that allows industry leaders to learn from their peers through leadership conversations and sharing sessions. Our Co-CIOs Laura Lui and David Lai spoke in Singapore and Hong Kong respectively, both at a panel about the growing trend of using ETF in passive asset management.

Hong Kong | 2018年9月19日

Premia Partners featured in The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM)

TSAM has been delivering world-class buy-side events for 17 years, bringing senior leaders of the industry together to foster networking and communication through focused learning groups. At this year’s conference, our Co-CIO David Lai speaks at a panel discussion about the risk, rewards and growth opportunities of investing in China A-shares, while our Chief Distribution Officer Aleksey Mironenko joins a panel discussion on the rise of ETFs and the underlying risks and investment opportunities.

Singapore | 2018年9月12日

Premia Partners delivers insights at Asia Risk Congress 2018 workshop

Every year, Asia Risk Congress gathers practitioners, regulators and stakeholder and inform them about the latest developments and challenges of risk management in the region. At this year’s event, our Chief Distribution Officer Aleksey Mironenko hosts a workshop where he talks to Dr. Shengzu Wang, Co-Head of Investment Strategy Group, Asia Goldman Sachs Private Wealth, about the top investment trends for 2018/2019.

Beijing, China | 2018年7月10日

Premia Partners featured at the 4th LSEG China Conference

Organized by London Stock Exchange Group, the LSEG China Conference is joined by market leaders to learn more about the latest developments and opportunities in China’s financial market. Our CIO Laura Lui speaks at a panel discussion on China and cross border investment, mainly focusing on her experience as an ETF issuer and the underlying potential.

Taipei, Taiwan | 2018年6月26日

Premia Partners shares insights at The Asset’s 4th ETF Asia Summit

To cater for Asia’s growing ETF market, the ETF Asia Summit keeps industry leaders informed about the market’s latest trends and news. At its 4th summit, our Co-CIO David Lai is featured at a panel discussion about ETF Solutions in asset allocation.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 2018年6月23日

Premia Partners presents at Exchange Traded Funds Forum

Ever since ETF’s mass introduction back in the early ‘00s, it has grown to become a favourable option for investment vehicle. The Exchange Traded Fund forum taps into ETF’s growing popularity and the huge opportunity to expand ETF trade. Aleksey Mironenko, our Chief Distribution Officer, presents to other industry leaders about ETF’s new building blocks such as smart beta strategies, factors and thematic investing in Asia.

Hong Kong | 2018年6月20日

Premia Partners presents at’s Future Investor Forum

Future Investor Forum features leaders from a vast range of financial sectors, discussing practical strategies, products and solutions that helps generate returns in a changing market. David Lai, our Co-CIO, gives an informative presentation on China’s development in technology, and how this has created opportunities for investors. Meanwhile, our Chief Distribution Officer Aleksey Mironenko joins other industry leaders at a panel discussion on “Effective ETF portfolio management and investment strategies”.

Hong Kong | 2018年6月6日

Premia Partners invited to speak at S&P Dow Jones Indices seminar about Alpha strategies

Dow Jones Indices seminars gather leading industry practitioners to explore hot topics of the investment industry. Our Co-CIO Laura Lui is invited to speak at DJI’s most recent seminar about investment opportunities in Asia, and how the ETF Connect Program will shape the investment landscape in Asia.

Hong Kong | 2018年5月29日

Premia Partners presents at Irish Fund’s Hong Kong seminar

Irish Funds brings together influential individuals at its Hong Kong seminar to inform participants about industry updates. David Lai, our Co-CIO, delivers his insights at the panel discussion on the latest market developments on ETF Connect.

新加坡 | 2018年5月17日

Premia Partners在Asian Private Banker舉辦的「2018年新加坡投資顧問峰會」發表演講


香港 | 2018年5月14日

Premia Partners在Asian Private Banker舉辦的「2018年香港投資顧問峰會」發表演講


Hong Kong | 2018年5月7日

Premia Partners speaks at Asia Risk’s SGX Index Edge Breakfast Briefing

Designed specifically for senior investment professionals, the SGX Index Edge Breakfast Briefing briefs its participants about investment trends and innovation in Asia. Aleksey Mironenko, our Chief Distribution Officer, joins other industry leaders as he speaks in a panel about China A-share trends.

Seoul, Korea | 2018年3月21日

Premia Partners shares insights at Risk Korea 2018

Risk Korea is the nation’s leading risk and derivatives conference for finance and risk practitioners to share investment practices and risk management strategies. Our Co-CIO Laura Lui is featured in a panel discussion about smart beta and the growing use of ETFs in Asia.

Hong Kong | 2017年11月8日

Premia Partners presents at KNect365’s Inside ETFs Asia

At Inside ETFs Asia, world-leading ETF & investment experts debate and discuss the most important issues facing Asian investors in today’s challenging markets. David Lai, our Co-CIO, presents in the panel “Playing Trends: A Closer Look at Commodities & Emerging Market ETFs”.

Taiwan | 2017年10月31日

Premia Partners speaks at Asia Asset Management’s 4th Annual Taiwan ETF Forum

At its 4th Annual ETF Forum, Asia Asset Management taps into new opportunities for ETFs and ETPs. Our Co-CIO David Lai joins other industry leaders and presents in a panel about the role of advisers and wealth managers and their considerations for clients.

首爾 | 2017年9月27日

Premia Partners在2017 全球ETP峰會參與演講

第8屆Global ETP Conference將於2017年9月28日在南韓首爾舉行,推廣亞洲交易所買賣產品市場的發展。我們的合夥人兼聯合首席投資官呂靄華將與其他企業領導者一同參與,並會在會議上的專題討論中分享見解。

新加坡 | 2017年9月26日


Premia Partners 將於2017年9月27日在新加坡威斯汀酒店舉辦一場私人午宴。我們的資深顧問兼智能貝塔領域思想領袖許仲翔博士,將會就各地區的因子穩健性,特別是影響中國A股的因子,分享他的研究見解。

Hong Kong | 2017年9月26日

Premia Partners featured in The Asset’s exclusive roundtable

The Asset brings together industry leaders at an exclusive roundtable discussion on the use of smart beta strategies for asset allocation. Our Co-CIO David Lai is invited to give his take on the issue as one of the 10 speakers at the roundtable.

香港 | 2017年9月4日

Premia Partners在2017亞洲結構性產品大會參與演講

我們會在2017年9月5日贊助於香港舉行的 Structured Products Asia 2017會議,期待與其他業者就創新投資及風險管理交流意見。另外,我們的合夥人賴子健及麥睿康會在活動上演講

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