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Calibrating for the new normal: Opportunities in the Asia innovation and metaverse space

With the more positive sentiments from the G20 meetings and market expectations of earlier pivot for China’s zero covid policy, growth including technology strategies also started to see varying degree of positive swings and rallies along more sustained upward trajectory. Contrary to the US tech peers, Asia innovative technology and metaverse leaders having started massive corrections earlier also appear to be first in first out and are emerging to resume growth on the back of multiple tailwinds. As investors revisit the investment case for the metaverse and innovative technology space, how would we configure for the opportunities in Asia and fill the gaps that the US oriented global tech strategies typically miss?


In this video, we would recap the construct of Premia Asia Innovative Technology & Metaverse Theme ETF (3181/ 9181 HK), which is designed to capture opportunities in Digital transformation, Robotics & Automation, Innovative Green Technology as well as Metaverse which have been transforming the enterprise and consumer space (including with virtual influencers). The strategy was first introduced in 2018, and given the sector and geographic diversification has been outperforming other global, US and China focused peers in 2-year, 3-year and 5-year periods. It was also able to hold at -7% last year after the strong rally of 40% and 60% in 2019 and 2020 outperforming in both bull and bear market cycles. For investors looking for strategic growth opportunities in this space, this would be a good, balanced tool for implementation.