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[Premia x Rayliant Webinar] Conversation with Dr. Jason Hsu – 7 Predictions for a Stagflation Economy

Although a lot of unprecedented events happened in the past few years, financial market rallies have bolstered positive wealth effects and expanded the balance sheet for many investors – until recently. This year has been extremely challenging for even the most astute and well-researched investors. How do we make sense of so much uncertainty around inflation, geopolitical tension, recession, pandemic and more? Recently our Senior Advisor Dr. Jason Hsu, Chairman and CIO of Rayliant Global Advisors has published 7 Predictions for a Stagflation Economy, which raised some bold and perhaps uncomfortable possibilities that would be helpful for us all to reflect and prepare for. In this webinar, we shall discuss with Dr. Hsu live to decipher what might be the best way to weather the turbulent markets ahead, and while acknowledging diversification remains the free lunch in investing – what to diversify with?
[Watch Replay Here]