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Nov 9th, 2018

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Aleksey Mironenko

Partner, Chief Distribution Officer

David Lai, CFA

Partner, Co-Chief Investment Officer

Welcome to the first ever Premia Partners Chart of the Week video. As some of you are aware, we have been publishing our thoughts every few weeks via LinkedIn, email and of course client meetings. On the back of client demand to provide more regular content, we are going to experiment with a short and sweet weekly idea. Every week, our team will pick one or two charts that we think is interesting, being overlooked, or potentially points to future movement. We’ll then record a short (less than 3 minutes!) video explaining the chart and why we think it’s important. This week, David and Aleksey, share 2 charts that surprised them. The first is a look at China’s fixed investment (the slowdown is not where we expected it) and the second is a look at China flows by foreigners (bulls are starting to emerge).

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Premia Chart of the Week
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