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What on Earth is Happening in China?
China markets’ move down YTD has raised a lot of questions for Emerging Market investors, particularly given the MSCI China A inclusion earlier this year...
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Leading companies in AI & Robotics
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics represent long-term transformational shifts, affecting the way businesses...
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How is “digital revolution” in Asia transforming the way we live?
Typically, I wake up by my Xiaomi home AI robot with morning news and weather forecasts. I would then order my breakfast to the office via Meituan and pay with Alipay...
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Technology-enabled innovations: Disrupting Reshaping Asia growth
Most investors are familiar with the FAANGs and are giving increasing attention to the BATs as technology firms are disrupting traditional paradigms...
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How much further can renminbi depreciate?
Every investor is worried about a new round of depreciation of renminbi (Yes, again!). Seems this topic is always an easy sell among news headlines...
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