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China in 2018 – Rebalancing to a new growth model
Last week on Thursday, we held a call moderated by Henny Sender of the FT with Prof Zhiwu Chen of HKU and David Lai from Premia Partners...
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3 months in: Bedrock vs New Economy (2803 HK vs 3173 HK)
Last week was the 3-month anniversary of 2803 HK and 3173 HK – our China A-share smart beta ETFs. To those who invested...
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Can you trust the numbers in China?
This is probably the most frequent question we get asked when describing our fundamental approach to index construction.....
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Is Stock Connect the real deal?
Since Shanghai-HK Stock Connect was first launched in late 2014, a lot of offshore investors switched to this channel to invest in China...
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2018 China Market Outlook
A-shares outperformed most developed markets during 2017. In this update, we review the drivers of 2017 performance...
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